by Ernst Dauenhauer

About my Art:

Even though the imperialist era in its classical sense is a thing of the past, powermongering is now as present but far more complicated with companies and countries moving their pieces.

But the European mind has not only brought guns, bombs and hedgefonds into the world.

With the opposing ideas fueled into art and activism we must try to get people out of their shells to improve, reflect and repair…

Where am I from? What is my future vision of the concept of „Europe“?

I was born in Russia on the western side of the Ural mountains. When i was seven my family moved to Germany. I live here since. The political term „Europe“ is dominating its geographical synonym in my thoughts and conversations. I enjoy its freedom and diversity and detest its financial focus and political hypocrisy (see frontex). But i also understand that it must be hard to find a comon denominator between so many people with different lifes and historical backgrounds.

Nothing (real) is perfect, but everything is improvable. I like to identify with whole Europe as my place of living (while writing this sentence the geographical term appeared in my mind..)

For the future I would be happy to see the Europeans further and further learn from each other, come to even grounds and grow together. A European government that is more agile in execution could help with outer and inner problems, but this has to be done in the right way.