European Integration

by Madeleina Kay (@Madeleina_Kay/@MadeleinaKay)

About my Art:

My landscape and architectural drawings, created in charcoal and ink on paper, are made in situ, capturing the diversity of European culture and architectural heritage. The ‚Patchwork Quilt of Europe‘ brings together the EU27 member states in a blanket of diversity, where European solidarity is the unifying thread.

European Integration I, II and III are abstract oil paintings on canvas, in the colours of the European flag. They explore the relationship between European countries and the forging of networks to create a stronger and dynamic future of Europe.

Where am I from? What is my future vision of the concept of „Europe“?

I am from the UK. Europe to me represents hope, for a peaceful and prosperous future, where countries value equality, respect and collaboration, to celebrate our diverse cultures and achieve progress for the benefit of all European citizens.