Lieber Mensch als Baustein

by Lucas Lazaridis (@physikstundenkunst)

About my Art:

My art addresses the viewer directly and speaks to him. Through texts like ,,Lieber Mensch als Baustein“ (English: Rather Human than Building Block) it shakes up the viewer and makes him realize that he is not forced to take a place in our capitalist system. This human in this place is in fact not at all important. Of importance is only that this place is taken by a human being who can be exchanged in each case. Do not be a building block!

Furthermore my art addresses itself directly to the human being and asks him to preserve his individuality and not to become a „robot“. I see in 90% of the people in my environment a robot who lives out his everyday life mechanically and the same. This I see as a great danger for the future of Europe.

Where am I from? What is my future vision of the concept of „Europe“?

Being born in Australia and moving to Germany at the age of 3, Europe has always been not only a home and safe space but also a place full of culture and excitement. To be allowed to be a European is for me a privilege of the highest order. We are allowed, among other privileges, to express our diverse opinions every day and enjoy a democracy!

However, precisely because of this privilege, I also see it as a duty for us to move the world for the better: We are the privileged ones of the earth and must use these rights to make a good life possible for all people, not only Europeans.

I have great hopes for the future of Europe. I hope for a Europe full of solidarity and creativity, not a Europe oppressed by greed and oppression. I hope for a Europe full of love and affection, not a Europe full of hate and selfishness. Also our versatile European cultures should be preserved, but nevertheless a liberal further education of mankind should be possible