This is not Europe

by Valentina

About my Art:

I felt I had to capture this moment.

It was the first time since the pandemic started that I saw people spontaneously coming together, each one bringing a chair and his/her own food.

The event of European football game is what brought these people together, some of them were strangers, some other were flatmates.

Nationalities of the people present in random order: Iranian, Malagasy, Italian, Hungarian, Moroccan, Albanian, Ethiopian, Pakistani.  

Where am I from? What is my future vision of the concept of „Europe“?

Hello 🙂 I am an Italian from Rome.

I remember the first time I „met“ Europe in a tangible way was during my Erasmus period in The Netherlands.

Since then, Europe became so little.

The multiplicity, diversity and easiness with which human connections were created made me feel very happy and lucky.

I hope that Europe can maintain this „human“ aspect keeping to bring people together.