JEF Europe

JEF celebrates the Nobel Prize awarded to the European Union

Pressemitteilung der JEF Europe (Link)

JEF expresses its delight and proudness to see the Nobel Prize given to the European Union today. “December the 10th, 2012, will remain an unforgettable and exciting day in the European history. JEFers from all over Europe celebrate the prize which recognises the importance and the necessity of the European project” states Pauline Gessant, President of JEF Europe.

JEF considers that the Nobel Prize has many facets:

  • European leaders need to stress that a failure of the EU would be dramatic and that they should move the European project forward to consolidate the longest period of peace in Europe though a federal Europe;
  • The European Union has to live up to its potential to spread peace and safety beyond its own boarders through a common stand on international interventions and a stronger common foreign policy effort;
  • Leaders of the member states need to play their role in the European peace project and stop weapon exports and military armament;
  • European citizens should remind that Europe is much more than an imperfect economic union but also a model of solidarity, peace, democracy, freedom and stability for over six decades.

“The Nobel Prize is also a great incentive to continue their action for all the activists, as JEF members, who passionately work on the European idea” concludes Pauline Gessant.