International Conference – European Identity Revisited

[row] [column md="5"] [icon type="time"] 24.03.2017–25.03.2017, 17:00–22:00

[icon type="map-marker"] Katholisch-Theologische Fakultät der Universität Erfurt
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The deadline is extented to the 17th of March.

What is European Identity? Has the European Union been successful in producing an identity of its own? Is a European Identity even needed or desired? Could a European Identity peacefully coexist with a national identity and vice versa? This conference’s purpose is to spur on and continue the discussion of these complicated and perhaps unanswerable questions.

JEF Erfurt is launching the call for participants for the European Identity Conference which will take place in Erfurt from 24th to 25th March 2017.

For further details check out the [icon type=“download“] conference description or contact
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If you want to attend the conference, please transfer the registration fee of 10 Euros. You can find the payment details in the conference description.

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Deadline for applications: 17th of March 2017 (23:59 CET)