YFED – This is (not) Europe

As part of our cultural project “This is (not) Europe” we searched for artistic contributions from young and creative people living in Europe. The art pieces will be exhibited in an online gallery and were awarded in a ceremony in June.

The project is part of a bigger advocacy program of the Young European Federalists (JEF Europe) to empower young people to engage in social issues. In media and society “Europe” is often reduced to a political picture that only refers to the European Union, its institutions, and its biggest member states. On the other hand, there is an ongoing discourse about how we define Europe and what connects us to other Europeans.

Giving a simple answer to this question is not possible, although it is obvious that there is more to a common Europe than just its political side. For this reason, we want to establish a different and diverse picture of Europe that focuses
on creativity and culture. We want young people to communicate, express and connect in an artistic and political way at the same time. It’s time to show a colorful young Europe and to promote creative activism for a positive change!


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